5 qualities to look for in a Sugar Daddy – dating tips for Sugar Babies that work

Finding that perfect sugar daddy you’ve been dreaming about can be challenging. Just as most sugar babies come to find out, every single effort spent on hooking up with the right sugar daddy is worth it.

When looking for a sugar daddy, there are a number of qualities that can lead you to the one you deserve. From there, there are certain factors to examine before making the final decision. You should also consider what types of men from the past proved to be better sugar daddies. If we are to exhaust this field, we need to touch on common giveaway signs of a fake sugar daddy.

5 qualities of a good sugar daddy

Efficient communication
If we are to be honest, dating a man much older than you can be intimidating. Things get even more awkward when dialogue cannot flourish between the two of you. A good sugar daddy should know of the best means to ease the environment through conversation.

Kept promises
Better that the sugar daddy fails to make a promise  than fail to keep one. No matter how much they may be paying, lies never take a relationship far.

Judges by character
No one wants to date a violent man who will get all moody because of a missed date. As long as you have made the effort of notifying them in advance, a sugar daddy should be understanding when a sugar baby makes a mistake. Just don’t make a habit of it.

Is a friend
Nothing is more harrowing than being forced to spend time with a person you cannot open up to. A good sugar daddy should be approachable, even friends with the sugar baby. This is the only way both can get the most from each other.

Is a teacher
One of the benefits of dating a sugar daddy is that a lot can be gained in life experience. A good sugar daddy should be able to impart knowledge about life to his sugar baby. Sometimes, the best way to teach is by listening to a person’s ideas.

Types of men that make the best sugar daddies

Married men
Men who are in married relationships (or have been in the past) have shown a tendency of being very good sugar daddies. They understand what women want. They bring home all sorts of gifts, not to mention the fact that they are generally open to long-term arrangements.

The mature lot
There are sugar daddies who are likely in the same age bracket as your father (50 and above). If you are looking for someone to come up with the best allowance agreements, these are the sugar daddies to look for. Besides, they are very caring and get excited at the idea that you are building on your dreams.

The gentle sugar daddies
These are the sugar daddies who are always asking about your studies or an interview you had. They make up the majority of sugar daddy sites population. Most of them have had to work through various struggles. Unknowingly, they empathize with you and can’t stop caring about what becomes of you. In most cases, these sugar daddies come up with great deals and offers for their sugar babies without asking for much in return.

Deciding on the best sugar daddy

Assuming that your efforts to find the perfect sugar daddy were fairly successful, it’s time to make the final decision. Below are some refining tips you can include in your checklist:

Your needs and expectations
Go through the reasons you decided to try sugar daddy dating. See if they correlate with the benefits likely to be gained from the relationship.

His needs and expectations
What type of relationship does he want? Can you adjust to meet all that he requires of you? Will he expect intimacy with you?

Before starting the relationship, ensure that both of you are up to date on the amount of allowance agreed upon. Note that allowances do not always include dinners, travels and such.

Current relationships
You may not realize it, but getting the facts about a sugar daddy’s current marital status is very important. This also applies to you. It will be important to determine if you are in a relationship or not.

Friends and family
At the end of the day, we always run back to friends and family when things aren’t working for us. For this reason, get insights on what they think about such an arrangement. You can always use an example rather than asking them directly.

Your own opinion
The final knot will be yours to tie. You never have to be in a hurry. Take your time and think through the decision again and again. Weigh the pros and cons. If you are convinced, go ahead with the arrangement.

Traits of a fake sugar daddy

  • Miraculously good – you don’t expect a person you haven’t even met to spoil you with expensive gifts, such as taking you abroad and buying you cars.
  • Things go too fast – fake sugar daddies have a tendency of asking for sex even before you have gotten to know each other. The most obvious assumption is that they will be on their way immediately after sex.
  • Poetic and romantic – it is said that a thief in a suit is more dangerous than one with a gun. Most fake daddies can be very romantic when necessary. They will recite poems for you, if necessary. They will not forget to wish you good night. Genuine sugar daddies care less about such things.
  • Very collaborative – though some may, most genuine sugar daddies do not always accept calls to meet immediately after you propose to do so.
  • Cancelled dates – some fake sugar daddies are eager to cancel dates at the last minute.

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