5 reasons a sugar baby relationship might not work – common causes of breakups

A sugar baby arrangement is built on several founding factors. If one or more of the factors were to fail, the arrangement would not last long.

The fact that sugar daddies are wealthy doesn’t take away the fact that they still are men. Naturally, people will tend to walk away from failing relationships to try their luck somewhere else. Bearing in mind that dating a sugar baby is more of an arrangement than intimate, breakups are very normal and are to be expected.

5 reasons for breakups in sugar baby arrangements

Reduced flow of money
Money is a crucial requirement if the arrangement is to work. No sugar baby will be willing to linger for a relationship that will not sustain her. In any case, a stable financial status is the first thing you would feature in any ‘what is a sugar daddy’ definition.

Lack of intimacy
Although sugar daddies and sugar babies are not the type of couples you expect to put a ring on it, intimacy is still very important. In this case, both partners get to develop their own sort of friendship and rapport. Success stories from veteran sugar babies show that it can take years to actually connect with a sugar daddy. This is usually worsened when partners spend very little time together.

Extra commitments
Being in a relationship doesn’t mean throwing your other life away. You will still need to keep up with your job, cater for your family and such. In most cases, sugar daddies get too attached to their busy schedules to find time for their sugar babies. With time, the sugar baby will feel the urge to try on a more committed sugar daddy.

Relationship baggage
Any relationship is bound to accumulate baggage over time. A good example is children and health complications. You find that most people enter into sugar baby arrangements as a safer haven from a tensed lifestyle. If the tension is to replicate in the relationship, the most likely thing to happen is that either partner will take their leave.

Morality issues
Friends and family command a lot of influence in our lives. If, for example, they are against the idea of dating a younger woman or an older man, no much success will be guaranteed for the relationship. It takes a lot of effort from both partners to maintain a relationship society is not comfortable with.

Signs that a sugar baby arrangement is not going to work

There are always early signs that a sugar baby arrangement is not going to work as expected. They include:

Misaligned goals
It can be that one partner intends to make the relationship a long-term commitment, while the other partner doesn’t share that prospect. With time, it will become clear that the arrangement won’t work as expected.

Undesired intimacy
One of the most controversial factors is whether a sugar baby will be willing to offer sexual favors to the sugar daddy. If an agreement cannot be made in the early stages of the arrangement, it likely won’t last long.

Some sugar daddies develop a habit of failing to send the agreed monthly allowance. This indicates that they are either dissatisfied with services offered or have no intention of keeping their sugar baby around for long.

Arrangement misshapen
A successful sugar baby arrangement doesn’t involve only meeting when there is no other option. It involves creating as much time for each other as possible. If a sugar baby only gets in touch with the sugar baby to ask for something, the relationship will not last much longer.

What to do after a sugar baby arrangement breakup

The first thing to do after a failed sugar baby arrangement is identifying the actual cause of the breakup. Review your goals and expectations in the aim of seeing the hitch that might have resulted in the breakup.

You can consider contacting your partner to work things out. If the two of you had been deeply involved with each other, it’s possible that a solution could be found.

Once you have worked out the possible cause of the breakup, you can always give it another try with a different partner. The good thing about making a mistake is that experience is gained in the process. You will have a better chance of being a better partner in the next relationship.

How to find another partner after a breakup

There are no limits to the options you can try your luck with on a good sugar baby website. Here, search for a sugar daddy or sugar baby who matches the refined expectations you have come up with after the breakup.

The most important thing is to clearly state what you are looking in your profile. That way, anyone interested in you will be in line with what you ultimately want.

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