5 tips for rich guys to find the right woman – how to get what money will not buy you

Sometimes, you just can’t stand it when a person fails to appreciate the efforts of a rich guy. If truth be told, accumulating assets to the point of becoming a renowned millionaire is not something everyone can do.

All the same, money may not succeed in buying everything that you desire. This is especially true when it comes to finding a woman who will not only appreciate you but also make you a better person. For many identifiable reasons, dating may prove not to bethe thing rich guys excel in. Luckily, nothing in life is to be feared, only to be understood.

5 dating tips rich guys can benefit from

Forget the rule of the jungle
In the business world, you either eat or get eaten. This (very effective) rule may be the barrier standing between you and the woman of your dreams. Be friendly to people, especially women you are not competing with. You don’t have to put on a million-dollar suit every time you are not in the office. The same goes for when you have secured a date. Ordering expensive meals will only attract women interested in your money.

Remember that you can’t have it all
The common notion is that rich guys will attract a lot of attention from all sorts of women. The last thing you want is to confirm to a potential date where you can’t control your animal instincts. Refrain from topics that include women you have dated before- or worse, don’t get flirty with the waitress, crew members and such. If you have had kids from previous relationships, come clean about it.

Be a gentleman
Chances are, you are used to having things done for you and not the other way around. You may want to check on that when looking for the right woman to date. Simple gestures, such as paying bills, holding the door for her, commenting on her beauty, building on conversations, etc. can make a big difference. They describe who you are outside the realm of material assets.

Let it not be all about you
Any woman who is seriously considering dating you will walk away if she feels out of place around you. Women like it when they have some influence over you. She needs to know that you listen and take her opinions seriously. Avoid interrupting or dismissing her ideas. In fact, try building on them from time to time.

Know what to look for in a woman
It is very important that you learn the traits to look for in the kind of woman you desire. Women who excel in long-term commitments are very different from the ones you would want for casual dating. Some will only linger as long as the lavish spoils are around. Unless you can decipher their true intentions, the road to finding the right woman may never end.

Why women date rich guys
Studies show that financial advantage is not a key player in the requirements women look for in a man.

Girls love it when they can spend lavish moments with friends, without having to worry about bills. If truth be told, relationships are more fun when cash is flowing. It is a natural call. She wants to know that her future and that of her kids is secured.

Still, a woman looking for a committed relationship would rather forego riches and build a relationship in which she is appreciated. As many come to find out, the joys money can provide are hard to enjoy in the absence of mental comfort.

Things women hate in rich men
From sugar daddy meet reviews and related sources, here are the common things women despise in rich men:

  • Assuming she is in the relationship because of lavishes.
  • Caring less about what she says or what she is suggesting. This includes taking over conversations.
  • Comments targeted on her natural weaknesses, such as weight, color, health and such.
  • Constant rebukes and suggesting that she is being too needy or nagging. The better approach is to show her what to do, rather than to tell her what not to do.
  • Focusing on work to the point of neglecting improvements aimed to please you.
  • Turning around when other women walk by. This includes flirting with other women, especially ones who may be in a higher social class than her.
  • Assuming that she is ready to get intimate just because you have spoiled her with gifts.

Where to find the right woman

A woman made by the heavens only for you might just walk and sit next to your table in a restaurant. She also may apply for a job as your secretary or be handling your cases at your favorite bank, but such possibilities are done best in books and movies.

The best approach is to take matters into your own hands. Today, many rich men and rich women dating sites have been established. For example, a simple profile on sugar daddies dating site will guarantee exposure to thousands of hot women and girls looking for a rich man to date.

You can start with free sugar daddy dating sites for casual dates. For committed relationships, millionaire dating sites are a better option.

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