6 lessons from successful millionaire dating stories – advice tips you should know

The last thing you want is to win the attention of a rich guy, only to lose it before you can get a taste of what comes with dating a millionaire.

The good thing is that lessons on how to succeed in dating a millionaire can be learned from women who have been there before. With so many women out there looking for a millionaire to date, nature demands that you play the game right.

Although some success and sugar daddy sex stories can be misleading, quite a number of them carry some truth.

Lessons on how to succeed in dating a millionaire

Take a page from your mother’s script
It is with good reason that mothers retain their cool, even when the husband comes home drunk. Veteran millionaire daters will confirm that it doesn’t help when you can’t afford to keep face in the hopes of not getting taken advantage of. Men want to date a friendly woman who can afford a smile, even during tense moments. They also want a woman who can find her way around the kitchen.

Forget the millionaire part for a while
The worst mistake woman do when dating millionaires is to cling to the fact that they are dating rich men. This makes it hard to appreciate small gifts or normally-conducted dates. A time will come when you will travel in private Porches. But for that to happen, you will need to show the millionaire your appreciation for even the least he has done.

There will be many reasons to leave
Millionaires can sometimes get annoying, arrogant, and almost intolerable. They are not used to playing by normal rules. Chances are also high that a rich guy will make no efforts to apologize. Try as much as you can to tolerate such behavior. With time, you may succeed in changing him for the better. In any case, any relationship is bound to endure related challenges.

His will be the easier world to join
You have your hobbies, just as the man has his. Yet, it will be easier to embrace his way of doing things than try make him embrace your ways. For example, if swimming is one of your hobbies, but golf is one of his, you will succeed more in spectating golf matches than having him join you in a swimming pool. To this end, you will find it very helpful if you can learn a thing or two about his profession, hobbies, favorite meals and such.

Time is usually a healer
The road to success in dating a millionaire is usually a long one. You may not be used to the person you are dating needing to be reminded of something you desire or a goodnight text message. Remember that millionaires have a lot going on in their mind. It will take time before you can make it to the top of his priorities. The good thing is that, once he doesn’t need to be reminded of you, a time to celebrate will come. Exercise all the patience you can to make him see the importance of having you around. Most importantly, make him see you as a shoulder he can always lean on.

Refine your social skills
Rich guys feel very proud when dating a woman who can stand up for them. Improve on common courtesies, the way you dress in public, and, most importantly, how you handle his friends or family. If you are in a committed relationship, he will take special interest in how well you can bond with his family. You don’t necessarily have to like all of them. Just treat them with enough respect and friendliness.

What are the chances that you will succeed dating a millionaire

Millionaires can prove the worst dates you have ever had. For one, they don’t trust easily. Months or even years can elapse before you know exactly what a millionaire wants or does for a living.

Not many women are used to being kept in the dark. For this and other reasons, a good number of women dating millionaires collect the assets they can and leave.

Like any other relationship, chances of success when dating a millionaire mostly depend on your efforts. From choosing the relationship where the most interests are shared, to knowing when the relationship is working or not, put in effort.

How to improve the experience of dating a millionaire

Before dating a millionaire, come up with realistic goals on what you intend to get out of the relationship. If, for example, you are hoping to get married to the millionaire in the long run, money should rank very low in your list of priorities. Be very patient and focus on winning his trust. Become a part of him that he will inevitably think of around the clock, especially when times are hard.

If you are looking for a taste of finer things in life with no commitments involved, focus on playing your role in accordance to the expectations provided in his profile. Sex and companionship are the common benefits rich guys look for in women they are casually dating. In this case, you don’t have to go to the extreme in winning his trust.

Where to find serious millionaires

Sometimes, chances of succeeding when dating a millionaire depend on where you were emotionally when you met. Unless both of you were serious from the very beginning, the relationship will not work.

Millionaire and sugar daddy dating sites have been doing a good job in bringing together rich guys and women they can potentially date. In comparison, paid sites host more serious rich guys than free sites offer to find sugar daddies and millionaires. Free sites allow more exposure to potential rich men to date. The experience can be improved through tools like the best sugar daddy app.

Another way to find serious rich men to date is through matchmaking services. Rather than wasting a lot of time on dating websites, millionaires find it more convenient to just hire a matchmaker. The problem with matchmaking services is that they always require an application fee.