6 things Sugar Daddies don’t want to hear from a Sugar Baby – topics you should avoid

A misplaced line of questioning or poorly-handled dialogue can undo months spent matching with a potential sugar daddy to date. Some topics are to be avoided at any cost when conversing with a sugar daddy.

Talking with, let alone dating, an older man can be very intimidating. Without enough preparations, you may find yourself in a position where most of the things coming out of your mouth are almost worthless. What’s more, sugar daddy sex stories might be corrupting the reality of sugar daddy dating. Luckily, that can be avoided.

6 subjects to avoid when with a sugar daddy

Payment for services
A good number of sugar babies keep bringing up the fact that they are in dire need of money. What they don’t know is that the sugar daddy understands that more than anyone else. The problem is that bringing up the topic gives the idea that you are all about getting money, not about the relationship itself.

Personal injustices
Maybe, for one reason or another, you see the world as having been unjust to you. Let those ideas remain in your head. Sugar daddies are often the most mentally-engaged people you can come across. You will only end up pushing them away by keeping them up to date with your woes.

Detective questioning
Do not act like an untrained spy on your dates. It may be that you are eager to know which form of business the man conducts. Be that as it may, getting all interrogative will put an end to any possible arrangement that might have otherwise happened. Basic topics like his hobbies or travel destinations will be better first-date subjects.

Your social circles
Do you have a friend who can’t stand older men? Was your father arrested on charges of domestic violence? What about that friend in college who thinks he knows everything? Whatever the details of such questions, they’re not to be shared with a sugar daddy on a date. It will be the best way to make him question his decision to hook up with a child he may have little in common with.

Personal details
Sugar daddies constantly analyze (and are very protective when it comes to) what they want you to know about them. The last thing he needs is to worry about is that you may gain some personal information that threatens his privacy. Just keep away from topics that require discussing either one’s personal details.

Past relationships
Whether successful or not, past relationships is a subject that doesn’t end well when brought up in early sugar baby arrangements. For one, perhaps a frustrating relationship is responsible for the man seeking a sugar baby arrangement in the first place. Bringing up the subject means he will be forced to think of the relationship time to time, even when he is with you.

Things to never ask a sugar daddy

Other than subjects to be avoided with a sugar daddy, there are other things you should avoid asking him, especially on first dates. Below are some examples:

  • Reasons for past breakups – it may be that he is yet to fully recover from a breakup. It could also be that he lost a great deal during a previous relationship. Unless he brings it up, don’t be the one to ask why a previous relationship did not work.
  • His financial status – sugar daddies are very sensitive about matters involving their assets and how much they make. Questions related to this topic will provoke all kinds of uncertainties. Are you solely after his money? Are you considering leaving him for a richer guy?
  • Your ranking in his love life – the man would rather get rid of you than be forced to compare you with his other romantic partners. Such questions are a sign that you either are childishly jealous or that you are getting too wrapped up in the relationship. Both are undesirable.
  • How vibrant he can’t get – old age is not something men welcome. The best thing you can do is to pretend that you don’t care about the age difference between you two. Questions revolving how physical he can get, his health status, things that happened when dinosaurs roamed the planet and such are the last thing you want to include in your conversations.

How to improve dialogue with sugar daddies

When learning how to meet a sugar daddy, enough emphasis cannot be put on the importance of finding the right things to say or avoid saying. In fact, it’s better that a conversation hit a dead end than involve any of the topics discussed here.

It is very important that you learn how to be a sugar baby. For one, being a sugar baby is not all about making public the fact that you are so broke. Everyone knows that. What the sugar daddy doesn’t know is whether your hawk eye is focused on his wallet.

Sugar baby dialogues should mostly involve the future they are writing for themselves. In the dialogues, let the sugar daddy identify both intelligence and creativity. Make him see the much appreciation and support their presence has provided for the bright future you are seeing. Most importantly, make him see how much he will benefit from the company of a fun-loving, carefree girl like you.

How to date the best sugar daddies

Studies show that the number of sugar babies seeking for arrangements with sugar daddies is on the rise.

Most potential sugar babies are utilizing sugar daddy dating websites to find a match. The good thing is that free sugar daddy sites can facilitate the arrangements for you, no matter how broke you may be at the moment.

If you feel like dating a sugar daddy is the thing for you, try one of the many sugar daddy websites that are available today. Here, you will need to learn one or two things on how such sites work.

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