6 things Sugar Daddies look for in Sugar Babies – how to best please a wealthy man

No particular features have been described as mandatory in a sugar baby. Still, there are those features that can improve a relationship between a rich guy and a gorgeous woman.

You may find that most of your relationships with a sugar daddy are fated to meet an immature end. Luckily, a lot can be done to reverse such odds.

Assuming that you have come up with the best sugar baby headlines for your profile, chances are that you will get some luck securing a date with a sugar daddy. But how can you make the relationship last?

6 things that sugar daddies prefer in sugar babies

Let’s look at some of the desirable features older richer guys look for in younger girls to date:

Without a doubt, any man feels proud when dating a gorgeous woman. You don’t have to have the legs of a model and the eyes of a mermaid. It is all about discovering how to compliment your natural beauty. Every woman is beautiful in a unique way.

Plans in life
The last thing a sugar daddy wants is someone who must be told what to do or where to go next. Sugar daddies find it very enticing to date a girl who can put their money to good use. Not that he will be dictating how it is that you spend your earned money. It is just that the idea of dating an intelligent woman is arousing in its own ways.

More than 80% of all sugar daddies will be expecting sexual favors from a sugar baby at some point. It is, therefore, very important that you define and set your goals before entering into such a relationship.

Being a sugar daddy mostly demands qualities such as financial success and reputation. While a sugar daddy may be comfortable being seen with a sugar baby in some public places, the last thing he wants is you invading his privacy. If you are to tell your friends, keep his identity out of the discussion. Also, don’t keep sending him text messages or calls anytime you feel like it. Don’t expect him to come clean about all his assets and savings.

Carefree mind
Sugar daddies love it when things like age, grey hair, missed dates and such affect you the least. They don’t want someone who will shy away from a trip to Mars just because no one else has ever done it. The last thing a sugar daddy wants is to see you as a daughter he has to protect. Be careful with how much you exercise your freedom, though. He doesn’t want to walk around with someone easily mistaken for a prostitute.

If less than 10 minutes is all you require to make a friend or two in a room filled with strangers, you might be the best candidate for a sugar baby. The older man needs to feel like a youth again. He needs to explore some sources of fun he may have missed in his youth. This is how you can motivate him to consider next level travels, the likes of which most only dream of.

Tips to pleasing a sugar daddy

  • Since all people are different, it will be very important to identify the soft points of your sugar daddy. Know what he desires and what he despises.
  • Set your boundaries on what you can and cannot settle for.
  • Conduct some background checks on his life. Look for details like his line of profession, marital status, success stories and such. It helps you know him better without having to ask.
  • Don’t force him to pay you for services rendered. Once you have gained his trust, you will not know what to do with all the cash that will come pouring down.
  • Let him worry the least about you. Due to busy lifestyles, missed dates and unpicked calls are to be expected. Don’t turn that into a source of contention.
  • Be honest with him. If you’re not comfortable with something, just lay it all on the table.
  • Make him feel appreciated. Avoid comments that point out that he is getting older.
  • Forget your troubles when with him, or at least keep them to yourself. The man may be running from a nagging wife. He has the least interest in heeding complaints.

Do sugar baby arrangements work

As long as you have set realistic goals, a sugar baby arrangement will most definitely work. A common mistake that sugar babies make is having a money-oriented mindset.

For a sugar baby arrangement to work the best, both partners have to benefit from each other. One way this can be achieved is by learning more on things sugar daddies look for in sugar babies.

Any expert will confirm that sugar babies who enter arrangements in the hopes of making millions within months never get far.

Where to meet the best sugar daddy

Sugar daddies are supposed to be older men who are very financially stable. A sugar daddy can be as young as 30 or 3 times older. It all depends on what you are willing to settle for.

Wealthy guys can be met in golf courses, fancy hotels, art auctions and similar fancy places. The problem is that finding a sugar daddy organically may end up in repeated failure.

This is where real sugar daddy websites come into play. These are websites designed to pair up hot women with wealthy men.

Today, hundreds of college girls are utilizing the power of such sites to match with older, wealthier guys. With the internet becoming increasingly popular and easy to use, dating a sugar daddy online may not cost you a penny. What’s more, with a best sugar daddy app, an arrangement can be facilitated remotely from a simple mobile device.

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