6 Tips to Sugar Daddy No Sex Relationships – Stories on how to succeed without intimacy

The issue of sugar daddy dating has been seriously misunderstood, not only by non-practitioners but even a good number of active members.

There is no one person or aspect to blame for this. You may find that clear boundaries are sometimes not set as to what may or may not go into the relationship.

When providing profile details, sugar babies, especially new ones in the industry, fail to set the boundaries they may be unwilling to cross. The fear is that too many restrictions will push potential sugar daddies away, which may actually be true.

One of the most contradicting issues surrounding sugar baby dating is whether sex will be part of the deal. Things get really awkward when both partners go mute about it, without really knowing what is going on in either person’s mind.

6 tips for a sugar daddy no sex relationship

Do you need to have sex with a sugar daddy to make it in this business? Of course you don’t… but it is way more tempting than it may sound. Imagine what you would feel if a person suggested that you ignore a shortcut to a cool pool on a hot day.

Here are 6 tips that may help:

Set your boundaries
During all that time you are hustling for sugar daddies, take some time to create solid boundaries. For example, decide if you will have sex with a sugar daddy who is married, over a certain age, and so forth. If no, then keep it that way to the end.

Include it in your profile
It is very important that a sugar daddy knows what they are getting into from the very start. Don’t worry about not getting hits from a sugar daddy dating website of your choice. In any case, there are sugar daddies looking for some quality time that has nothing to do with sex.

Maximize your other abilities
It is true that sex may be one of the most common services a sugar daddy will anticipate in a sugar baby they are paying bills for. Still, you can make up for that with other qualities. Search for the best tips for how to be the perfect sugar baby and such.

Understand that there will be temptations
A sugar daddy paying you about $100 for one date may suggest an insane hike to 10 or 20 times that amount. They are wealthy guys who will probably earn more than that before the date is over. Normally, you will be tempted to take the offer, but if you have set your goals right and take your role seriously, you will ignore the offer.

Know and play your role
Basically, your role is to distract the sugar daddy from work life and make him relax. Do your best to play that role well. You can even consider learning some things about what he likes and dislikes. This will spice up your conversations and actually give you two something to talk about.

Plan for the future
You may be feeling like you’re wasting the chance of a lifetime by not having sex with your sugar daddy. That is simply not the case. Infatuations are often mistaken for love. Also, note that the personal or contact information you collected on the guy may not be helpful once your contract is over. If you were to mess things up right now, more than good luck will be required to follow things up with a millionaire who probably has been doing that for ages.

Does sex with sugar daddy guarantee you more?

There are many testimonials of successful sugar babies who have maintained sugar daddy no sex relationships.

A sugar baby allowance guide usually sets a starting allowance at $100 per date. That translates to about a $3,000 monthly allowance. Expenses like travel fees and food are taken care of by the sugar daddies.

When sex is included in the bargain, the allowance may hike up dramatically. In fact, the payment may even be offered in cash.

There are complexities in determining if that is right or wrong. Some would suggest that they only did it because they were feeling something for the guy. We can’t argue with that. Anyway, it is actually pretty similar to having sex with a boyfriend or partner.

If you are comfortable getting intimate with a sugar daddy, I don’t think there is a problem with that. This is as long as you are up to date with the potential complications.

Do sugar daddy sex stories involve real sex with a sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy sex stories and even some sugar daddy websites will have you wish for, or eternally live in fear of, a sugar daddy relationship. Just like sex porn images and videos, they are edited and published to match the producer’s needs.

The fact is that a lot of sugar babies do get to have sex with their sugar daddies. In any case, sex has been used for ages as a means of getting favors from bosses.

The important thing to know is that it’s not mandatory to have sex in a sugar daddy relationship. Still, don’t wait for your sugar daddy to somehow read your mind. As it is with any other contract, terms and conditions are best spilled out clearly and without hesitation.

How to make more from sugar daddy without sex

There are countless options on how that can be achieved. The best approach is to understand what men like the most.

Most, especially the lot under 50, will want and expect sex. Tell your side on the matter. If you are not into sex, you can consider watching sex pics and videos with him.

The next thing men love is excitement. With the right amount of excitement, you can get the sugar daddy to forget about his desire for sex.

Another important thing men yearn for is the feeling that they are kings of their own kind. Make him feel that he has contributed something important to society. Show him that he is not alone and that the world appreciates him. Most importantly, don’t let him feel lonely. It is in loneliness that his mind will work out just how much he is paying for a non-sexual relationship.

Is sex with sugar daddy right or legal?

No one will arrest you for having sex with a sugar daddy. It is perfectly legal, which certainly matters. It is more like a contract, where the sugar daddy will pay you, but not like prostitution.

The contradiction that arises in sugar baby arrangement and dating is whether it is right or wrong. The dilemma in this issue has been around since the beginning of sugar daddy dating. In most cases, it falls to the individual’s moral codes and principles. If you feel it is right for you, society will not succeed in proving otherwise.