7 qualities millionaires look for in a woman – what you need to date a wealthy man

Romantic stories, especially tragedies, make it seem as though a relationship can work without money. But in the real world, things are quite different. If women were to be completely honest, most of them are not willing to settle down with a poor guy.

The problem is that there are more poor guys in any typical society. This is even worse when you are not only looking for a wealthy man but a millionaire. The perhaps only silver lining is that even millionaires have a taste for particular qualities in a woman.

7 qualities millionaires look for in a woman

Let’s look at some of the qualities that might catch the eye of a wealthy man willing to date:

Motherly skills
It is paradoxical that, even with erosion of culture, most men contain their desire for a woman with homemaking skills. Wealthy men are looking for a woman who can put to good use his extensive income. This is a very important quality, especially for men willing to settle down and start a family.

A common trait in millionaires is the love of competition. Since independent women are naturally hard to get without having to fake it, wealthy guys take it as a challenge on their competitive skills. Additionally, millionaires are looking for someone who can make sensitive decisions on their own. Independent women are known to go against the normally-accepted truths and laws.

Ability to bond with societies
These are the women who never get wasted during a party where everyone else is lying on the floor. They are the women who tend to blend in with whatever part of the world they are introduced to. Women like this have a taste for a wide variety of cultural events, not to mention their love for things like art, elegant designs, fashion trends and such.

Professional success and intelligence
It’s not like you have to be a lawyer or doctor in a big hospital. Maybe you are a kindergarten teacher who everyone trusts with their child. Millionaires are looking for a woman who can excel in a task that requires some intelligent input (with some boundaries). All the same, there are some fields in which millionaires are more likely to focus their search on. Such include charity events, hospitality industry, the media industry, banks and such.

Silent command of attention
This is the quality that makes some women able to command a lot of attention without necessarily shouting or getting into controversial situations. Critics rarely succeed in finding a reason to prosecute women like this. They dress elegantly to the extent they can afford. Rarely will you hear them complaining, even when a situation is not in their favor. For millionaires, these are the women they would entrust with calculated judgments and discretion. As you may already know, millionaires are extremely hard people to decode.

Beauty and elegance
Rich men often make headlines. Naturally, men like being associated with beautiful woman. This is the kind of woman who can comfortably try different dress codes, hair styles, makeup and such. They are the women who will maintain direct contact when speaking and have a good command of various languages.

Dedication to course
Being vibrant is something millionaires admire. Especially for older, wealthy guys, they want someone who can remind them of their youth… a woman who is never willing to let something go until a decision is reached in her favor.

Tips on qualities millionaires look for in a partner

  • Despite what logic may have you think, millionaires are not hunting for women in the same line or work. They are looking for someone outside the genre of business.
  • Financial success is not a priority. Nowadays, millionaires are opting for companionship rather than complimentary financial status.
  • Millionaires are attracted to women who can appreciate their hard work. They have an easier time bonding with someone who is not competing but rather showing them the contribution they made to the world.
  • Social status of great importance to them. For this reason, millionaires favor women who have a taste for the finer things in life.
  • If you have no trouble blending in and making new friendships, you have one of the most favored qualities that millionaires look for. In the world of business, it is all about making connections that will work in your favor. Millionaires are looking for women who can achieve that without forcing it.
  • Finally, rich guys are extremely secretive. They are looking for a woman who can keep their secrets, no matter how small the secret might seem.

Where to find millionaires

Any event or organization that involves a lot of circulating money is a potential venue to meet millionaires. Events like charity events, art auctions, and business conferences are some examples. Organizations such as banks, media companies, wealthy management institutions are other good examples. You can meet a good deal of millionaires in such places.

Still, it might take an eternity just to grab the attention of a millionaire, let alone keep it. A better approach is to utilize the best millionaire dating sites around. These are sites dedicated to pairing up wealthy men and women into committed relationships.

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