All types of Sugar Babies – which is the best type and why it is important to know

One requirement to succeed in the sugar baby business is understanding what you want and how you can get it. You need to know your sources of motivation, what exactly you are looking for, and how to meet a sugar daddy.

For sugar daddies, being familiar with the types of sugar babies out there is equally important. With such knowledge, you can make an informed choice on which is the best sugar baby type to date.

Generally, there are about five identifiable types of sugar babies. They are classified according to their needs and characteristics.

5 types of sugar babies

Junior babies
These are the sweet college girls just looking for someone who can take care of their tuition fees. They usually find a lot of time to spend with their sugar babies. These sugar babies rarely ask for expensive gifts but enjoy when they are given. They are very eager to please.

Wall Street babies
These sugar babies aim for an elite lifestyle rooted in financial success. They are very business-oriented and are on the lookout for a man who can support them, both financially and mentally. These women will take their leave the moment they realize you are not open to sharing any investment ideas. They are the type you want to go to art auctions and business events with.

Hot mamas
This type caters toward single women, those who have had kids but not lost the MILF definition. Their need for cash to support the little family may drive them to seek out a sugar daddy. The good thing about this type is that they are very mature. Still, looking out for their little ones may take up most of their time.

Small town babies
Tracing their roots back to financially-unstable backgrounds, these sugar babies have their eyes fixed on the ultimate prize. They will not shy away from taking risks as long as they reach the next step towards the top. These sugar babies stop at nothing to get more payment in whatever form. The good thing is that this type is very appreciative, even for seemingly-small gifts. In fact, they rarely will ask for fancy gifts from sugar daddies. This is the best type for those just finding their way around sugar baby dating.

Been there, done that babies
Some sugar babies have been in the business for a couple of years. In fact, some get to develop so many long-term relationships with their sugar daddies that they have secured fat monthly allowances. These are sugar babies who know almost everything about the arrangement. They will tell you what sugar daddies like and how they like it. They will describe in detail the dos and don’ts of the business. This category is not best for newer sugar daddies.

Which is the best type of sugar baby to date?

The best type of sugar baby to date depends on a couple of factors, of course.

Sugar daddies are usually happy to spoil their sugar babies with a variety of gifts. In this case, it’s best if you can date a sugar baby who will understand the value of these gifts. These are sugar babies who have the finances they need for monthly bills. They don’t rely on sugar daddies for upkeep.

For sugar daddies who prefer no-strings-attached relationships, the ‘cash is king’ type is best. These are sugar babies who only care about what they are getting from an allowance, gifts and such. They will barely remember what happened in some hotel or beach.

You can also consider the type of sugar babies who are more business-oriented than into dating. Such an arrangement offers an opportunity for growth and a mentor. In fact, a sugar daddy can also benefit business-wise.

Finally, there is the type of sugar babies looking for a committed sugar daddy with whom they could start a family. In this case, the sugar daddy should focus less on material gifts and more on bonding emotionally with the sugar baby.

How to spot each type of a sugar baby

It is not like a sugar baby comes tagged for everyone to see. To know her type, work to understand her character traits.

First, focus on her level of financial stability. From there, check the stage of life she is in. Normally, sugar babies in their early 20’s are college girls. From late 20’s on, it is likely that sugar babies enter motherhood but still retain their girly beauty. As years pass, more experience is gained. Some will become veterans in the sugar baby business. Some will start their own businesses, while others will feel the need to start a family.

You can always ask a sugar baby about her goals as far as the relationship is concerned. In fact, it is very important that you get to discuss the expectations for both of you before starting the relationship.

Where to find best type of sugar babies

Depending on which type you can describe as the best for you, best places to find them differ.

When it comes to college babies, their numbers are not lacking in urban clubs, parties, school events and such. The other types can be sought in the most probable places, such as their place of work.

But manually looking for a sugar baby can be frustrating. Even worse, you may end up hooking up with a completely different type than you hoped for.

It is the above reason that best sugar daddy websites have become the best places to find sugar babies. On such websites, interested sugar daddies can find all sorts of sugar babies to date.

Nowadays, potential sugar babies are joining free sites to find sugar daddies in large numbers. These are user-specific websites designed for pairing up wealthy guys with gorgeous hot women. The good thing with these websites is that one can choose the particular traits they want in a sugar baby.

If you are convinced that sugar baby dating will be of benefit to you, sugar daddy dating websites are the best places to give it a shot. Since most of them offer a free membership, you can run a trial period and later upgrade to get special features.

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