Common tricks fake millionaires use – how to identify a pretender looking for sex

Gorgeous women are often attracted to successful people in society. For this very reason, they invest efforts in identifying potential millionaires on rich men dating sites.

Any man would at least consider the chance to hook up with a hot woman. Since not every man has had success in financial matters, the available option is to refine tricks which can secure a date with a woman searching for a millionaire to date.

Common tricks fake millionaires use

Ambitious promises for finer things
Fakers know that women expect spoils from millionaires. With the chances they get, they will come up with every form of ambitious promises to provide the fancy lifestyle a woman may be dreaming of. A faker will, for example, come with precise details on how he will take care of tuition fees for the whole semester on the next date. This is as long as the date can be held in at a place of his choosing. The real intention is to have sex.

Plans to grow older together
Women like it when a man includes them in his plans for the future. A faker millionaire will use this to his advantage. He will tell of the woman’s role in his plans to secure his future. It is should be of no surprise when the plans include marriage or business partnership.

Aligned twists of fate
It is expected that a millionaire will be familiar with travel destinations, fancy hotels and other elite lifestyles. After reading the details provided in a woman’s profile, a faker will create stories on how much his experiences align with the woman’s interests. This includes details on his extensive knowledge of the hotels and fancy places located in the area the woman is from.

Elegant appearances
Don’t expect a faker millionaire to give himself away that easily. They always try to mimic a millionaire’s life every way they can. For example, profile pictures will be taken beside a fleet of expensive vehicles and big houses. It is for this reason that you may want to perform a background check to confirm the identity of an alleged millionaire.

Poetic flirtation
If necessary, a faker millionaire will memorize a Shakespearean sonnet. They are extremely sweet with words and know just when to say something a woman would want to hear. It is very easy to connect and get comfortable around them. However flirty a topic may get, they are always comfortable with it.

Always eager to have sex
A good number of women are not willing to push away a millionaire by denying them sexual favors. For this reason, fakers are always eager to make plans that will involve or end with sex. In any case, that is their ultimate intention.

How to know a fake millionaire only wants sex

One of the main desirable qualities of a millionaire is maturity. Maturity comes handy when he is willing to give it time before he asks to be intimate with you.

Pretender millionaires know that the longer you stay with them, the higher the chances of finding the truth about them. At any cost, they will be looking forward to taking advantage of you as soon as possible.

Even before you meet in person, a faker will introduce tales of how they feel attached already. This will include constant messages and calls, even during odd hours. By the time you meet for the first date, the faker will have done his best to develop a sexual connection with you.

Pretender millionaires seem to always agree with your demands and get along with your stories. Their real intention is to make you feel comfortable around them. Cautiously, they will introduce physical contact, such as hand-holding. By the time the first date is over, a faker will come up with plans to meet in private places. In fact, he may also ask for sex directly.

When to have sex with a millionaire

It is no secret that millionaires sometimes date a woman for both sex and companionship. This is common in a sugar baby arrangement. Just like any other relationship, though, taking things too fast will only see the relationship come to a very swift end.

As you may already know, men tend to avoid a woman or girl they have gotten to sleep with. This is especially true if they weren’t serious about the relationship in the first place.

Any expert will advise that you give it time before deciding to get intimate with a potential millionaire you may be dating. There is no honor in trying to hook a man into a relationship he doesn’t feel okay in.

Before starting a relationship with a millionaire, come up with some goals and benefits you intend to reap from the relationship. It will be the success you have had in realizing these goals that determines the best time to become intimate.

Is it right to have sex when dating a millionaire

If sex is used as a tool to extract money from the millionaire, it can easily be compared with prostitution.

Sometimes, it happens that rapport or an intimate connection is developed between you and a millionaire you may be dating. In that case, the relationship will work just like any other normal relationship. No one will hold it against you if you were to get physical with someone you are in an intimate relationship with. This is even true if they provide for all your financial needs.

The issue of whether something is right or wrong depends on a variety of factors. All the same, you will be the one to make a final decision. The important thing is to ensure that you never get to go against your principles. Don’t engage in activities that may come to haunt you later. In any case, there are other millionaires out there only looking for a casual date with no sex involved. In fact, sugar baby dating doesn’t have to include sex.

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