How much do Sugar Babies earn – the allowance to expect when dating a Sugar Daddy

It’s no secret that sugar babies expect a certain allowance from their sugar daddies. In fact, it is one of the defining requirements of a sugar baby arrangement and sugar daddy meaning.

Difficulties can sometimes occur when coming up with an amount that won’t sound greedy or go below what the sugar baby deserves.

When coming up with the right allowance to ask for or agree to, a couple of variables should be taken into consideration.

Factors that determine a sugar baby’s allowance

In large cities like New York, sugar babies usually receive more. This is because the cost of living is high, plus the sugar daddies probably have jobs that pay well.

Hours spent together
Some sugar baby arrangements only require a couple of hours to be spent together. Others ask that most hours of the week to be spent together. More hours spent together means a higher allowance.

More wealth is not always an indicator that a sugar daddy will pay more. Some of these wealthy guys have their money locked into assets like houses, stocks, and shipments. Higher-paying sugar daddies are the ones who receive higher salaries in liquid money.

How much do sugar daddies normally pay?

On average, most sugar babies receive $3,000 as a monthly allowance. This will, of course, be affected by the factors discussed above.

It is necessary for both of you to discuss this before the relationship goes further. Some sugar daddies may find the allowance too high, while others may be willing to throw in some extra dollars.

Sugar baby allowance categories

Sugar baby allowance expectations can be divided into four categories. This ranges from the ones earning as low as $1,500 a month to those who earn $20,000 as their monthly allowance.

The lowest category sees sugar babies earning no more than $2K and no less than $1.5K. It is common with sugar baby arrangements that aren’t fully established yet. In this case, meetings are arranged a few times a week to discuss the finer details.

The next category caters toward sugar babies earning more than $2K and less than $5K. This category hosts most of the arrangements that have been established. In this case, more hours spent together do not necessary translate into a higher allowance.

The third category is for sugar babies who receive more than $5K and less than $10K. Here, both partners have most likely come to develop a good rapport. In fact, chances are high that they have been dating for a fairly long time.

The most elite of sugar baby allowance categories sees more than $10K paid to a sugar baby each month. Some have reported receiving $20k a month. By the time it gets that high, the sugar baby is more of a mistress than anything.

How much should a sugar baby ask for?

The common method sugar babies use to determine the amount they should ask for is calculating their total monthly bills. If you are required to pay $2,000 in bills each month, you definitely need to ask for more than that.

Ultimately, the amount you ask for depends on whether you are working or not. If you have another source of income, you might consider settling for a monthly allowance that is lower than your monthly bills. In any case, you may not even have to spend full days with your sugar daddy.

If you were to ask most successful sugar babies, they would tell you it’s not always about the money. You can be stuck in an arrangement that provides you with $2K more, but demands that you fake any alleged feelings. You will not survive long in that kind of relationship. A better approach is to build real intimacy with the sugar daddy.

Making the right decision

The most common misconception, which actually encourages people to wonder how to find a sugar daddy, is that it is some kind of jackpot. Well, it can be in the long run, but so can be any other job out there.

Don’t let stories about how a sugar baby made a fortune from dating sugar daddies fool you. Although sugar daddies are supposed to be these wealthy dudes, there are all sorts of outlets their money goes to. So, unless you give him a reason to, a sugar daddy will not be willing to spend more than needed on you.

At first, come into an agreement on how much you should be receiving in allowance. Remember that you don’t have to override your goals and principles in fear of rejection.

With time, be assured that the allowance will hike, or at least improve. This is as long as you make the man see where his money is going. In fact, most of the sugar babies taking home more than $5K probably have been dating for years.

Since life can be deceiving, ensure that dating a sugar daddy doesn’t affect your studies or other major activities in life. Even if you are being paid more than $10K a month just for being a sugar baby, wasted opportunities in life will always come back to haunt you.

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