What is a Sugar Daddy and how to find one – definition and meaning of the relationship

Not so far back in the history of mankind, dating was all about two people meeting or being introduced to one another. After that, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner tables would follow, maybe a movie and some beach time after that. Of course, when one thing would lead to one another in quick succession, some couples skipped a few steps.

The bottom line is that traditional dating was either too tedious or just a fairy-tale, depending on your take. Enter the age of online dating and best sugar daddy dating sites, and all that changed in no time.

Even before people would meet or date over the internet, sugar daddies were a thing, and they still are. Who exactly are they? How can you find one? What is the best sugar daddy meaning and definition? Is it morally right to date a sugar daddy?

What is a sugar daddy; what does it mean to be a sugar daddy?

So what is a sugar daddy? Let’s start with an official look at the technical sugar daddy definition. Officially, a sugar daddy will be defined as a rich/wealthy man who pays a younger person for companionship and/or sexual benefits.

That is a more direct and possibly stereotypical definition.  Sugar daddy websites give it a more alluring, even fancy feel.

According to such websites, a sugar daddy is a person who has had great financial success. This person also enjoys a lot of success in all divisions of life deemed important by society. They also have clear goals and plans for the future.

According to dating websites, the average sugar daddy enjoys good, quality looks and, in most cases, sexually beneficial relationships with sugar babies.

What is a sugar daddy relationship?

To some, sugar daddies are these old, crippled guys you have to do nasty things with to get money from. Actually, that is not usually the case.

A relationship can begin with a sugar daddy who is in his thirties (and very successful, for that matter).

In the relationship, the sugar daddy provides a monthly allowance based on the quality and quantity of time a sugar baby spends with them. Most arrangement plans are made through sugar daddy dating websites nowadays. In the arrangement, the terms of the relationship are set. For example, if the sugar baby is willing to spend nights out, the couple sets how many hours a week they will be available and whether the sugar baby is comfortable with sex or dating married guys.

What does it mean to need to be with a sugar daddy?

Finding and meeting sugar daddy is one thing. Staying and making the most out of that relationship is another thing altogether. Remember that sugar daddies are money-making machines. That is something you’ll want to maximize on.

Below are some of the things that may be needed to succeed in such a relationship:

Be fun-loving
Sugar daddies are always worrying about something. If it isn’t about falling stock market trends, it’s about an upcoming golf match they’re anxious about possibly losing. Your job as the sugar baby is to help them forget about all that. Remember not to try too hard and accidentally end up being more annoying than helpful.

Make him your own
Find the energy and passion needed to remind him of his youth. Stay up at night when he needs you to be there for him. Massage his shoulders and get him off the phone with some interesting story. Ask him about his successes. Men love to boast.

Don’t get too attached
The main reason as to why the sugar daddy signed up for a sugar baby could be because he wants some temporary fun. Never get ahead of yourself. Even if he asks for sex, it doesn’t mean that he sees you with him in the long haul (or in his will).

Be womanly (but hot)
A man will do anything to get noticed by a hot, but womanly, baby nearby. In fact, this might just earn you some extra dollars and extended time with him. Take your attractiveness as far as it needs to go. Avoid heavy makeup meant for teens finding a way into the fashion world. You might consider learning some things about the career he is into and include one or two related quotes in your conversations.

Sugar daddy arrangement definition

Let’s move on to defining the arrangement. In regards to sugar daddy dating, an arrangement is a platform that allows for quick introductions, skipping the courtesies followed in traditional dating. Members sign up and set profiles with their details and expectations.

A sugar daddy relationship may go on indefinitely or end after a specific period of time (as indicated in arrangement terms and conditions). During that time, sugar babies are paid monthly allowances. Sugar daddies don’t pay strictly in terms of beauty or success. They are more usually most interested in the quantity and quality of time spent with a sugar baby. All the same, qualities such as beauty, fun-loving energy and anything else that may match a sugar daddy’s profile will increase your chances of getting a sugar daddy.

Setting a profile may not even take 20 minutes of your time. Most will require you to add a photo with some details on what you expect and what you are willing to give. Within five or less days, you may be sitting at a dinner table with the sugar daddy of your dreams.

Some sugar babies do indicate an exact amount of the allowance they will settle for. On average, sugar babies take home $3,000. You can quote an ant more than that. However, it is not always a good idea especially with free sugar daddy dating apps and websites. This is because of tight competition for like-minded sugar babies trying their luck.

Sugar daddy meaning; how to find and meet

We have discussed so much about sugar daddy definition and relationship, but can’t forget about the sugar baby meaning. So, what is a sugar baby?

Generally, they are an attractive, luxurious, curious lot looking for able people who can take care of their bills in exchange for companionship or sexual benefits.

When learning how to find a sugar daddy, the best way to go about it is by joining sugar daddy websites. You can always start by browsing through sugar daddy meet reviews and various ranked lists for the best sugar daddy websites. Free websites allow you to join without paying anything. Paid websites require you to pay a certain amount in exchange for higher profile ranking. A high profile ranking has the advantage of opening you up to better offers and legit sugar daddies. You can find out more on how to be a sugar baby.

More on how to meet a sugar daddy will be addressed after we talk a bit more about successfully matching with the right sugar daddy.

How to find and meet the best sugar daddy

Remember that it will not be a walk in the park as it may seem. There are all kinds of ‘jerks’ and plenty of weird requirements you may come about before meeting the right guy.

For example, some will ask for weird sexual favors or things you haven’t tried before. Others will be looking for qualities not even a cloned sugar baby could possess all of. Just remember not to give up. If you are really into the whole sugar daddy/sugar baby dating thing, patience and persistent Googling will get you there.

Any sugar daddy definition will tell you that these are very wealthy guys with vast wealth at their disposal. As much truth as there is in that, not all of them are willing or needing to spend it on, or with, you. In other words, it is your job to make that happen. You can also consider more viable options, such as a sugar daddy website NYC service. Also, note that NYC and Miami sugar daddies are likely to spend more than their counterparts.

Finally, bring something of value home from your time with a sugar daddy. As you will notice, no matter how extravagant they may be, that wasn’t always the case, especially before they became millionaires. Take extra care of your allowance. For extra fees, such as special dresses and such, let the sugar daddy’s card cover it instead of your card.